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Table setting at a more casual wedding event by the beach

Universal Table Decor Dos and Don'ts Every Event Planner Should Know

In event planning, the devil truly is in the details, especially when it comes to tablescapes. The right decor can elevate an event into a memorable spectacle that imprints on every guest's mind. However, certain pitfalls can turn what should be a spectacle into a spectacle for all the wrong reasons. And nobody wants a party where all the guests only remember the things that went wrong. So here are some universal dos and don'ts that every event planner should engrave into their memory:

DO Understand Your Theme

Before you dive into tablescape ideas, solidify your theme. Whether it's a rustic affair or a sleek, modern gathering, your table setting ideas should complement the mood you're trying to evoke. For instance, wedding table settings would differ vastly from corporate event setups. Of course, as a professional, it’s your job to provide your clients with the best options. You need to be honest while still taking their preferences into consideration.

DON'T Overcrowd Your Space

An easy mistake is cramming too much onto one table. Doing this will make it difficult for people to appreciate the details since there are too many of them all at once. Remember, guests need space to dine comfortably. Choose decor that enhances your theme without making the table feel cramped.

DO Mix and Match

Symmetry is visually pleasing, but a little asymmetry can add interest. Don't be afraid to mix and match different elements, like cutlery and centrepieces to create a unique experience. This technique is especially effective in achieving table setting ideas that capture attention.

DON'T Underestimate the Power of Lighting

Lighting can make or break your decor. Whether it's candles for soft illumination or strategic spotlights, lighting sets the tone. It should enhance already elegant table setting ideas, not overpower or underwhelm them. Steer clear from harsh lighting, and depending on how intimate the event is, opt for a warm glow that makes everything look like a fairy tale.

DO Pay Attention to Color Schemes

Colours evoke emotions, so choose your palette wisely. Ensure your colour choices match your theme and the season, creating a cohesive visual flow throughout the venue. Always have the client’s interest at heart, but be professional enough to let them know if certain details are off or just don’t fit the look you’re aiming for.

DON'T Neglect the Chairs

While tables are the focal point, chairs frame the scene. They should complement the table decor, either in colour, style, or both. Consider chair covers or sashes to integrate them into the overall aesthetic. If you’re going boho, some dangling accessories would fit right in.

DO Personalise Where Possible

Personal touches can turn a standard gathering into an intimate affair. Consider personalised place cards, table numbers, or menus that resonate with the event's purpose or the guest of honour's personality. Don’t just stick to traditional styles.

DON'T Forget the Functional Details

It's easy to get caught up in the aesthetics and forget the practical aspects. Remember things like ensuring there's enough cutlery for all courses, the napkins are properly folded, and that the glassware is appropriate for the drinks being served. If you’re having kids in the venue, choose tableware that’s easy to clean.

DO Opt for Quality Over Quantity

Resist the urge to cover your table with numerous small, cheap items. Instead, invest in fewer, high-quality pieces that stand out and speak for themselves. This approach is particularly important for elegant events where sophistication is key.

DON'T Settle for Generic

While it's comfortable to stick with what's familiar, pushing the boundaries makes your event unforgettable. Look for unique items to incorporate, whether it's through DIY efforts or sourcing from specialty vendors. Remember, no one wants a huge event to be just like any other event out there.

The same principle applies to wedding decorations—uniqueness is key. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and settling for generic decorations can diminish its specialness. Couples should feel encouraged to express their personalities and love stories through their decor choices. This could mean opting for handmade table centrepieces that have a story behind them or choosing a theme that's close to their hearts. By steering clear of generic options, the wedding becomes more than just a celebration; it transforms into a personal and intimate expression of the couple's journey together. This attention to uniqueness not only makes the event more memorable but also deeply enriches the emotional experience for the couple and their guests.

DO Consider Hiring Decor

Especially for large-scale events or those on a tighter budget, consider the benefits of hiring decor. When you hire wedding supplies from companies that can provide high-quality products that you might not otherwise afford, you are still able to enjoy a lavish experience without the extravagant price tag. This also removes any trouble related to storage for when the party's over.

DON'T Ignore the Venue's Own Decor

Work with what's already available at your venue. Sometimes, less is more, and the venue's own charm can shine through with just a few added touches from your end. With your client’s permission, tell them how much more they can save by going with this option and give them an idea of what the final look will be so they can decide if they want to add more flair or take the more practical route.

Minimalist table decor for a more formal corporate event

Work With a Supplier That Understands Your Needs

In your quest to create a memorable event, partnering with the right suppliers makes all the difference. This is where Organic Events Supply Co. shines as a golden standard for event planners. Offering an extensive range of decor items for purchase or hire, OES takes pride in quality, variety, and service excellence. Their commitment ensures your tablescape ideas transition flawlessly from concept to reality, promising an event that's both stunning and seamlessly executed. With OES, you're not just planning an event; you're crafting an experience.
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 Bride and groom chair arrangement in boho style with organic decorations

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