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Effortless Elegance

Our Simple Hire & Purchase Process

Discover just how seamless it is to buy or hire from Organic Events Supply Co. with our straightforward approach. Whether you're looking to own or simply rent, we guide you through each step, ensuring a stress-free experience. Curious about the simplicity? Visit our 'How to Hire' info page and unlock the ease of event styling with OES.

Buy or Hire? How to Set Up Your Dream Wedding or Event

Can’t figure out whether to buy or hire for your big day? Organic Events Supply Co. offers a clear solution. Our extensive collection, featuring everything from runners and placemats to centrepieces and cutlery is ideal for both, so decide based on your preferences.

Regardless of your decision to buy or hire, you can rest assured of our commitment to top-notch quality. Buy if you're looking for keepsakes and items to reuse in future gatherings, or hire for flexibility and the absence of long-term storage concerns. Both paths ensure you benefit from your celebration either way.

Our range of decorations and accents combines old-world charm and modern sophistication, setting the perfect mood for any event or wedding. Our buy-and-hire options only add to the convenience of your special event. As one of the leading wedding suppliers in Australia, we invite you to explore our selections so we can bring your dream celebration to life.

Elegant Yet Affordable Weddings

As a leading supplier in wholesale decor in Australia, OES offers bespoke rustic wedding hire services that will allow you to create rustic paradises for your special day for a fraction of the price. As a wholesale rustic venue decorations supplier, we're dedicated to transforming any rustic wedding venue with our exquisite rustic wedding decor. Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and creating a warm, romantic ambience ensures your venue transformation is as unique as your love story.

And don’t worry about your tablescaping, when you hire our wedding table decorations, you get access to decor that allows you to create unforgettable experiences. We offer budget-friendly wedding supplies and wholesale table decor that promise cost savings without compromising elegance. Our extensive range of affordable wedding decorations caters to various themes, ensuring your event is both lavish and deeply personal.

Wide Selection

Hire any of our wedding and event decor! We post out your order three weeks before if you're not based on the Gold Coast.


If you're looking to purchase outright, you can easily resell your wedding decor to other brides or planners after your event.

Easy To Use

Designed and simple for you to find and purchase our outstanding products.

Wholesale Wedding Suppliers for Big Events

Expecting attendees in the hundreds? As one of the most dependable wedding wholesale suppliers in the industry, Organic Events Supply can give you access to vast selections of wedding decors for your event.

Wholesale Napkins and Runners

Orders of 50+ napkins and/or 15+ table runners

Wholesale Placemats

Orders of 50+ placemats

Wholesale Cutlery Sets

Orders of 50+ sets of cutlery


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