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Event Picnic Tables - Set of two

Hurry! Stock is going fast!

Our Event Picnic Tables - Set of two, a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Crafted from premium wood, these tables boast a classic white finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any event. The meticulous construction ensures durability, making them a reliable choice for your gatherings.

With dimensions measuring 150cm in length, 67cm in width, and 40cm in height, these picnic tables offer ample space for your guests to comfortably enjoy their meals or engage in conversations. Whether it's an outdoor wedding, corporate event, or a casual get-together, these tables provide a charming setting for memorable moments.

Elevate your event experience with the Event Picnic Tables - Set of two, a versatile and stylish addition to any occasion. Create lasting memories with the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality that these tables bring to your gatherings.

Gold Coast Local Pick up

  • Order ready 1 week before your event
  • You will get a text and email once your order is ready.
  • Please click pick up option at checkout and details will follow
  • Please text our warehouse manager on 0434 530 136 if you have any questions.

Step 1:

  • Select Event Date on Calendar
  • Quantity selector is also on the calendar***
  • We hire the picnic tables for 4 days from your event date to give you time to return as we know what its like after weddings or events

Step 2:

  • Checkout to secure your booking.
  • Your hire confirmation will then follow.


We will then send through the final invoice which isn't payable until 45 days before your event. This invoice will include the refundable security deposit (read below).

  • Reserve now, pay security deposit later! For hire customers, we only expect the hire to be paid now and the refundable security deposit paid 45 days prior to your event. This means your checkout today will only include the hire, and a second invoice will be issued for the security deposit closer to the event date. Simply put, hire customers will be billed twice: first for the hire and later for the refundable security deposit.
  • Orders over $100 require a $99 refundable security deposit
  • Orders under $100 require a $59 refundable security deposit
  • The 100% refundable deposit is refunded to you within 72 hours of our warehouse receiving the package. Up to 7 days refund processing with your bank.
  • Please read more about How Hiring Works and Refundable Deposit Policy here

  • Please return picnic tables to Bentley Park Complex, UNIT 40, 1 Bridgman Dr, Reedy Creek 4227and text 0434 530 136 to let them know you have returned the items.


We sure do! We ship 2.5 weeks before your event date and this is when you will receive your tracking information. Shipping to you is FREE!

We offer a cheap return pre-paid label that will be included in your hire box you receive. After your event, you can stick this on the box or satchel you received your items in and pop the hire back to the post office within 7 days.

Your event date! We ship these 2.5 weeks before your event so you will have them well in advance.

We hire out to you for a 7 day period and this starts on your event date. So all you need to do is drop the items back at the post office within 7 days.

Once you have secured your booking we will send you the final invoice which isn't payable until 45 days before your event.

This will include:

1. The cheaper pre-paid Aus Post return label:

  • $19.99 for linen
  • $24.99 per 20kg cutlery box (rarely do these go over 20kg)

2. The refundable security deposit:

  • Orders over $100 require a $99 refundable security deposit
  • Orders under $100 require a $59 refundable security deposit

3. Dry cleaning fee of $39.99 if you have opted in for this (we will contact you to ask you)

When we first started this business we didn't take a security deposit and we lost over 65% of our stock from people not returning our items or returning them damaged.

We still wanted to continue the hire option for people as it really gives you an affordable option for your event decor if you don't want to purchase, so we had to come up with a solution.

We now take a small refundable security deposit. This means if your items aren't returned, you loose a knife or a fork, you damage a napkin we can take the cost of that item to replace out of the security deposit.

Damage fees below:

$1.50 per napkin lost or damaged (*100% Linen napkin is $5)

$4.90 per cutlery piece lost or damaged

$2.99 per placemat lost or damaged

We only take out the cost to replace the item not returned or lost and the remaining security deposit is refunded. i.e 1 napkin lost, only $1.50 taken out of your security deposit and the rest refunded.

We do our best to process return hires within four days of receiving them at the warehouse.

This includes the team going through each hire, counting and sorting to make sure all was returned.

The refund is then put through for you and can take up to 7 days to show back in your account.

Please contact us asap as sometimes unfortunately a hire or order is lost in the mail.

You will have a tracking 2.5 weeks before your event so can track it on there and please let us know if it hasn't moved.

Yes! We love chatting and helping. Please call us on 0434 530 136, or live chat with us here or email us anytime!

Yes! Please get your free sample here.

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Event Picnic Tables - Set of two

Event Picnic Tables - Set of two


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