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Jaime and Millie!

Hey, thanks for visiting our DIY Wedding Warehouse! We know first-hand what it’s like to book in the big day and start planning. Then realising that this isn’t something you’ve done before, and in a lot of cases don’t realise to the full extent how much “You” DIY involves. This was us in 2020!

We couldn’t find a supplier who aligned with ALL our styling needs or would supply everything we needed within our budget. Trust me we tried for months. So we ended up going to about thirty eight different suppliers and yes it saved us thousands but it took a lot of time.

We spent the time, designing, creating, researching and buying all of our wedding decor. We did this so we can then give event planners, brides and grooms the opportunity to purchase or hire reasonably priced items locally.

We often get messages saying how are your items priced so reasonably? We say "Because we don't triple the price when we hear wedding".

Our catalogue is slowly growing and more items being added weekly.

Our business is run by a new born mum, Millie and a passionate designer Jaime. We love what we do and we get so much satisfaction from helping you everyday create a special event. I, Millie have a new born, I have good and bad days, I love going out for breakfast with the family and to the beach. I, Jaime loves going for walks and socialising. Thank-you again for supporting small!

We handpick and pack your orders from our garage warehouse in Bundall on the Gold Coast! Please contact us anytime for help. Our number is 0434 530 136

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