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The Ultimate Checklist for Purchasing and Hiring Wedding Table Decorations

Your wedding reception tables aren't just places to eat—they're where memories are made. Your table decorations set the scene, create ambience, and tie into your wedding's overall theme.

Whether you're crafting DIY centrepieces or considering wedding decor for hire, the key is to choose elements that complement your theme and create a cohesive look.

With endless options, let's dive in to make the selection process stress-free and fun!

The Checklist: Purchasing and Hiring Your Table Decor

Let's break down the key items for your table decorations checklist, along with considerations for both buying and renting.

1. The Centrepiece
This is the focal point of each table! Consider:

Style: Flowers (fresh or dried), candles, lanterns, potted plants, unique sculptures, or a combination of these.
Theme: Align with your wedding's vibe – think rustic, modern, tropical, or vintage.
Height: Opt for low centrepieces for easy conversation or tall, dramatic pieces if your venue boasts high ceilings.

2. Linens
Tablecloths and napkins make a huge aesthetic impact. Consider:

Material: Choose classic cotton, luxurious satin, textured linen, and more.
Colour: Complement your overall colour scheme. White is timeless, but bolder choices add personality.
Runners and Overlays: Add extra texture and visual interest with these elements.

3. Tableware
Don't underestimate the impact of beautiful plates, glasses, and cutlery! Consider:

Style: Fine china, classic gold cutlery, vintage mismatched settings, or sleek and modern designs.
Material: Choose between disposable or reusable options based on your needs and eco-consciousness.

4. Accent Pieces
The little details are where the magic happens! Consider:

Table Numbers: Stylish and easy to read for guests. Choose calligraphy, printed cards, wooden blocks, or acrylic stands to match your aesthetic.
Votive Candles: Scattered throughout, they add a romantic ambience. Use coloured holders to work with your theme!
Greenery: Sprigs of fresh rosemary, eucalyptus, or other greenery add a natural touch.
Favours: Small, personalised gifts double as decor. Think mini succulents, personalised cookies, or custom-scented candles.

5. Tablecloths
The perfect tablecloth sets the foundation for your tablescape. Consider:

Material: Choose classic cotton, luxurious satin, textured linen, rustic themed and more.
Colour: Complement your overall colour scheme. White and other similar tones are timeless, but bolder choices add personality.
Length: Ensure your tablecloths reach the floor for a polished look, or opt for shorter lengths for a more casual feel.

6. Placemats:
Placemats add an extra layer of protection and personality to each place setting. Consider:

Style: Woven rattan for a natural feel, sleek metallic for modern vibes, or embroidered for a touch of elegance.
Function: Protect your table from spills and scratches while adding another layer of style

Buying vs. Hiring: Deciding What Suits You

The choice between buying and hiring comes with pros and cons. The best option for you depends on factors like your budget, desired level of customisation, and the amount of time and effort you want to put into the process. Let’s discuss more.

Buying: Pros and Cons
Buying your table decor gives you complete control over the style and materials. You can find pieces that perfectly match your vision and even resell them after the wedding to recoup some costs. Some decorative elements can even become treasured keepsakes from your big day. However, buying can be more expensive upfront, especially for large events. Additionally, you'll need storage space for your items before and after the wedding and will be responsible for all setup and breakdown.

Hiring: The Benefits and Limitations
Wedding decors for hire are often a cost-effective solution, particularly for smaller events or those with intricate decor needs. Wedding rental decor companies handle all the delivery, setup, and breakdown, saving you time and stress. You can even access trendy and unique pieces without making a full investment. The drawbacks include limited customisation options, potential availability issues with popular items, and the responsibility for any damages that may occur.

Who Each Option Suits
Buying is ideal for customers who have a very specific vision in mind, want the option to keep or resell the items later and don't mind the additional logistics. Wedding decor hire options are excellent for event planners managing multiple events or weddings with complex themes. It's also perfect for customers who want a hassle-free experience and favour affordability over complete customisation.

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Where to Find These Goods

The search for the perfect table decorations can be an exciting part of your wedding planning. Finding exactly what you envision starts with knowing where to look. Wedding wholesale suppliers offer great deals on items purchased in bulk, from cutlery to linens and everything in between. If rentals are more your style, search for companies specialising in those. Let your imagination lead you to find the perfect pieces for your special day. And remember, Organic Events Supply offers an amazing assortment of decor for both purchase and rental in single or bulk orders. Our selection and customer service will help make your wedding table decor dreams come true, so get in touch with us today!

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