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bohemian table setup by the beach, earthy colours

Table Styling Ideas for a Beach Bohemian Wedding

Ocean views and eclectic vibes make the perfect setting for a beach bohemian wedding. Picture this: the setting sun casts a golden hue over the horizon, painting a dreamy backdrop against the calm sea. Nature, in its grandeur, plays the role of the most exquisite wedding decorator, setting the stage for two hearts to unite. But while nature does most of the work, decorating your event still requires special care, especially when it comes to your reception tables. So if you’re looking to create the perfect setting, we’ve got some boho decorating ideas you can try.

Remember, creating the perfect tablescape for this ethereal love story requires a touch of elegance, a dash of whimsy, and a whole lot of heart. Let's sail through some detailed styling ideas.

1. Crafting the Colour Palette

Colours evoke feelings, paint memories, and create moods. Beyond the basics, think about the emotions you want to stir in your guests. Do you want the tranquillity of soft pastels or the vibrancy of deeper hues reflecting passionate love? Perhaps a mix of both, reminiscent of the ever-changing colours of the ocean. Whatever colour palette you choose, make sure your boho wedding decor reflects your preferred shades and that the colours also translate into your other wedding elements.

2. Linens: The First Touch

When guests sit down, the first thing they often touch or notice is the linen. It’s not just fabric; it’s an experience. Imagine the gentle embrace of soft, organic cotton or the earthy touch of burlap, echoing the sand's coarse texture. Layered tablecloths, combined with delicate lace overlays, can bring in a boho vintage feel, whispering tales of timeless love.

3. Decor: The Soul of the Table

bohemian table setup on the sand

Boho isn’t just a style; it’s an emotion. So if you want to evoke the right feelings from your treasured guests, ensure that your bohemian-style decor is up to par.

  • Natural Treasures: Think of driftwood candle holders, seashell garlands, or centrepieces with corals. Each element is a gift from the sea, reminiscent of timeless tales and shared adventures.


  • Handcrafted Touch: Handwoven baskets filled with fresh blooms, macramé dream catchers swaying gently, or artisanal ceramic plates can infuse authenticity and charm.


  • Light the Love: Bohemian lanterns adorned with intricate patterns or candles placed in vintage holders can cast dancing shadows, creating an intimate and ethereal atmosphere.

4. The Stationery Ensemble

The smallest details often hold the deepest meanings.

  • Personal Stories: How about menus listing food and sharing snippets of the couple's journey? Or place cards that share a little note about why each guest is special?


  • Interactive Elements: Encourage guests to write their love stories or advice for the couple. Create a 'wishing stone' station where guests can write messages on smooth stones that later become keepsakes.

5. Mingle the Aromas

The salty sea breeze is inherently relaxing. Complement it with subtle fragrances. Think of scented candles with notes of vanilla, sandalwood, or fresh linen. Or even better, fresh sprigs of lavender or rosemary tucked into napkins or arranged in tiny vases.

Final Thoughts

A beach bohemian wedding is where dreams dance with reality. It’s the beautiful intersection of the wild, untamed ocean with the free-spirited, heartwarming world of boho. It’s a celebration that deserves the very best.

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table setup by the beach using bohemian elements

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