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Top 8 Things That Can Go Horribly Wrong on Your Wedding Day (and How to Avoid Them)

Have you ever heard of wedding disaster stories where the decorations arrived late or the caterers didn't show up? Remember, anything can happen at a wedding, and you're sadly mistaken if you think that can't happen to you. The good news is that there are things you can do to prevent your wedding day from turning sour, from ensuring your table decorations are on point to having emergency contacts if a vendor cancels at the last minute.

Top Wedding Mishaps You Can Avoid

Wedding disasters can happen to anyone, but if you're fully prepared, nothing can stop your wedding day from going in full swing. Here's our list of things that can go wrong at your wedding and what you can do to save your big day.

A Vendor Pulls a Last-Minute Cancellation on You

You've been reassured time and time again with "of course, I'll be there" and "don't worry about it", only to get a call or a message on the day itself saying, "sorry, I can't make it". So, where does that leave you? Stressed and scrambling to find someone else to replace that vendor at the last minute.

But if you have a backup vendor at the ready, you won't have to go through the ordeal of dealing with the drama on a day you're supposed to be celebrating love in one of its most concrete forms. So, whether you're choosing hair and makeup artists or caterers, make sure you have a second choice in case they don't show up.


Bad Weather Ensues

Are you having your wedding outdoors? If you don't want your big day turning into one of those destination wedding horror stories, it would be best to have an alternative venue if the weather turns bad. You can also look for a venue that offers indoor and outdoor options, especially if you're getting married during the rainy season.

Even if you're getting married in summer, don't get too confident because the weather can change dramatically on your wedding day. So, always prepare a backup plan and set aside an emergency fund for unexpected costs. Also, bad weather can undoubtedly put a damper on your mood, but don't let it faze you and continue to enjoy your big day.

Drunken Escapades

While liquor is expected at every wedding, some guests may overindulge and get a little too out of hand. At times like this, good preparation comes in handy since you can ask the venue coordinators to escort your intoxicated guests. If you hire a bartender, you can also ask them to stop serving the guest.

Your Schedule is Ruined

Did your limo get lost? Did your hair and makeup take longer than expected? While perfectly timed weddings are rare, delays in schedule can result in frustrations for you and your guests. You can prevent this by accounting for delays and other unexpected events in your plan.

Plan your timeline correctly to account for traffic and give every appointment an extra 10 to 15 minutes. It would help if you also asked your caterers and hired entertainers to arrive 15 to 20 minutes earlier. Remember, it's better to arrive early than late.

The Wedding Dress Gets Damaged

A major ingredient to a wedding gone wrong is the wedding dress getting damaged. It can be anywhere from the zipper not working to your dress getting ripped. Luckily, these mishaps are still manageable. If your budget allows for it, you can have a backup dress prepared. If not, a talented tailor can perform emergency repairs to fix zippers and tears in no time.


Your Baker Drops the Wedding Cake

Apart from your baker showing up late, one of the most dreaded disasters is your cake being dropped. As one of the most anticipated elements of your wedding celebration, it's a must-have at every reception. Sadly, wedding cake disasters can happen, and you may end up with a smashed and unsalvageable cake.

What you can do is ask your baker in advance if they can provide backup baked goods in case of unforeseen circumstances. You can also ask if they can refer other bakers who can give a backup cake on short notice.

You should also choose the cake design wisely. If you're getting married outdoors in the summer heat, choose a simple cake and skip the four-tier buttercream cake. That's because it can slowly melt, lean, and topple later.

Family Drama

Not every member of the family is always happy about the wedding. There may be issues with separated parents or even deep-rooted rivalries among relatives. Whatever it is, you can prevent it from happening by drawing a clear line from the very start.

Explain to them that your wedding is an extremely special day to you and whatever issues they may have should be left at the door. You can also prepare for this by setting up seating arrangements that will make everybody comfortable.

Your Decorations Don’t Match

Matching your theme is crucial to achieving the wedding atmosphere you want, whether you're going for a classic, glamorous, bohemian, or rustic vibe. But your decorations don't stop at flowers and draperies. It would be best if you also matched everything else from floor to ceiling.

Your table decor is especially important because it's where your guests will be dining and resting. For instance, if you're going for a rustic theme, use appropriately-toned table accents to tie your venue decorations together. It would also be best to purchase or hire your rustic wedding table decorations in a single shop to ensure uniformity.


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