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Getting Married Again? Creative Ideas to Make Your Second Wedding as Unique as the First

Getting married once is amazing. But getting married again? That’s even more reason to celebrate! This just means that you and your partner are so in love that getting married once is not enough to prove how much you love and care for each other. Once the excitement of the second proposal dwindles down, it’s time to start planning your second wedding. But where do you even begin when you already gave your all to your first wedding?

You probably went through tens if not hundreds of ‘best wedding ideas’ the first time you tied the knot, so it’s expected for you to feel lost initially as you start planning from scratch again. There are a lot of second wedding ideas to be found online, but can you top your first?

You absolutely can.

Here are some creative wedding ceremony ideas you can use to make your second wedding every bit as unique and special as the first one:

Rethink the Whole Entourage

One of the best things about getting remarried is you’ll have more room to experiment. Maybe you have two best friends and the other one was your maid of honour the first time, and the other had to take a step back. Well guess what, now it’s their turn to be maid of honour! Maybe you now have kids who can be your ring bearer and flower girl, or maybe you have a blended family and want to give your second dad a chance to walk you down the aisle. Now’s the chance to do the things you didn’t get to do the first time!

Improve Your Vows

Just because you’re getting married to the same person doesn’t mean you should use the same vows, especially if it’s been several years since your first wedding. Maybe you’ve been through more challenges, or maybe you’re still going through them. This is the perfect time for you to reaffirm your spouse that you have not changed your mind or your heart about your relationship, that you are still every bit as committed as the first time you married them.

You can even add some flair to your vows. Maybe choose a background music if you didn’t the last time. Or make your declaration of love more dramatic with dancing lights or mesmerising backdrops. There are several ways to get your message across, so explore until you find the perfect one.

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Pick a New Theme

It’s common for first-time brides and grooms to take the traditional route when it comes to themes and decorations. Many people think that the more traditional a wedding is, the less likely it is for big problems to arise. If you’re one of these people, now’s the time to be bolder and more daring with your theme choice. You can opt for rustic wedding decorations, floral, modern noir, and pretty much anything you fancy. Sky’s the limit when you’ve already had your dream wedding once. Your second wedding should let you be more adventurous with your choices.

Wear Absolutely Whatever You Want

Unlike your first wedding, you should be more relaxed when picking second wedding dresses. If you wore a traditional white wedding dress the first time, now you can wear whatever you want. Want to wear a different dress every hour? Want to go boho chic or high fashion? You can and you definitely should! You and your spouse are so in love you got married again, so have fun and celebrate this gift!

Get a Ring Update

Some people get more expensive rings on their second wedding because they’re doing better financially than their first wedding. Others chose their old rings because they meant different things the first time they wed and would like the new rings to better reflect their new meaning. Whatever your reasons are, it’s always a great idea to update your rings as a symbol of your renewed marriage. They should serve as a reminder that your relationship is just getting better and better.

Reinvent the Reception

Ask any newlyweds and most of them will say the same thing - despite going through several wedding tasting sessions, they barely had time to enjoy the food during the reception. The reception is usually when the couple goes around to greet guests and take pictures with them, and by the time they’re ready to eat, the next part of the program has begun.

That’s why your second wedding reception should be reinvented to include the dishes you missed during the first wedding as well as add some new dishes you really want to enjoy. And since this is your second wedding, you can do without the long reception programs and just enjoy dining and bonding with your guests.

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Make Your Wedding Social Media Friendly

Maybe your first wedding was a truly intimate one, or maybe hashtags weren’t a thing when you first tied the knot. Whatever the reason, now you can make your second wedding known to the online world! Want to look at wedding pictures that don’t require you to take out bulky photo albums? A few taps on your phone, and you can see all the pictures and videos uploaded by your guests. It’s like seeing your wedding from different angles!

From the table setting and cutlery for hire to centrepieces and flower arrangements, expect to get tagged left and right by your creative guests. Of course, these photos won’t replace a professional wedding photographer, but they’re a remembrance of the fun that everyone had the second time you and your spouse decided to say I do.

Get Your Happily Ever After (Again!)

Just because it’s your second wedding doesn’t mean it should be less special than the first. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to do some of the things you weren’t able to the first time. However you decide to do your second wedding, keep in mind that you will always have the final say because you and your spouse’s happiness is all that matters.

There are several wedding vendors you can tap for your food, dress, and ceremony needs. For your rustic wedding decorations and supplies needs, Organic Events Supply Co is here for you. Contact us and let’s make your (second) dream wedding a reality!

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