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boho bride holding bouquet of dried flowers and grass

Ways to Elevate Your Dream Boho Wedding

Bohemian-themed weddings are just as popular as ever, and with good reason. This ethereal and laid-back theme is perfect for couples who want a wedding that is both beautiful and relaxed. With whimsical cottage core designs and natural elements like wildflowers and pampas grass, a bohemian wedding is sure to be a stunning and memorable affair. But how can you take your boho styling to the next level and create a truly magical experience for you and your guests? In this blog post, we'll explore ways to elevate your ceremony and bohemian wedding reception and make it even more enchanting using boho table decor and other natural elements for the entirety of your venue decorations. So, grab a cup of tea, and let's get started!

Start with the Right Venue

Bohemian weddings are all about creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere that celebrates individuality, creativity, and nature. As such, choosing the right wedding venue is essential to create the perfect atmosphere that gives off bohemian vibes. Here are some wedding venues that are perfect for a bohemian wedding:

Barns and Farms

Barns and farms are popular bohemian wedding venues because they offer a rural and charming backdrop that's perfect for a relaxed and intimate wedding. These venues often have beautiful outdoor spaces that can be used for your ceremony or reception, and they offer plenty of room for creative decor and personal touches.


Beaches are a natural and beautiful backdrop for a bohemian wedding. The sound of waves gently crashing against the shore, the feel of the warm sand beneath your toes and the salty sea breeze all create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere that perfectly captures the bohemian theme.


Gardens are another popular bohemian wedding venue because they offer a beautiful and natural setting for your wedding. Whether you choose a botanical or private garden, you'll have plenty of beautiful greenery and flowers to use in your decor.


outdoor wedding setup in forest

Forests are a magical and enchanting backdrop for a bohemian wedding. The dappled light filtering through the trees, the sound of birds singing, and the smell of the earth all create a mystical and ethereal atmosphere that's perfect for a boho wedding.


Vineyards are a popular bohemian wedding venue because they offer a beautiful and romantic setting for your wedding. The rolling hills, beautiful vines and stunning sunsets all create a warm and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for a relaxed and intimate wedding.

No matter what type of venue you choose, the key to creating the perfect bohemian atmosphere is to focus on natural and eclectic elements, personal touches and a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. So, choose a venue that speaks to your individual style and let your creativity run wild to design the perfect bohemian wedding day!

Creating the Perfect Bohemian Vibe

Creating the perfect bohemian vibe for your wedding is all about embracing natural elements, a carefree style and a sense of whimsy. While this may sound easy, it's actually quite tricky to achieve. And if you need inspiration on how to execute the bohemian theme correctly for your wedding, read our tips below.

Consider an Outdoor Ceremony

For a truly bohemian vibe, consider holding your ceremony outdoors. Whether it's in a field of wildflowers, a forest clearing, or on a beach, an outdoor ceremony creates a sense of freedom and natural beauty. Don't be afraid to incorporate unique and unconventional elements, like a teepee altar or a handcrafted floral arch, but ensure that they are all cohesive and complement your venue's landscape.

Think Alfresco Dining

After your outdoor ceremony, embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings with an alfresco reception. Consider creating a relaxed and intimate dining experience with long communal tables adorned with textured table runners, mismatched chairs and playful florals. Add in natural elements and other boho wedding table decorations like wooden chargers and woven placemats for a rural touch.

Add Macramé Styling

boho chic wedding arch with macrame decor

Macramé is a versatile craft that can be used in various ways, from table runners to hanging plant holders and other decorative elements. Adding macramé details to your wedding decor can create a sense of bohemian whimsy and natural charm. Consider using macramé to create a stunning backdrop for your ceremony or a beautiful photo booth for your guests. You could also use macramé plant hangers to add a touch of greenery to your reception space or incorporate macramé table runners for a textured touch.

Wildflowers Everywhere

Wildflowers are the perfect complement to a bohemian wedding and can be incorporated in many ways. Consider creating floral crowns for you and your bridesmaids, adding a wildflower bouquet to your reception tables, or scattering petals along the aisle. These natural touches will bring a sense of carefree beauty to your wedding day.

Go for a Relaxed Wedding Look

For a truly bohemian wedding look that's natural and effortless, go for a wedding dress that's flowy and ethereal. Choose a dress with delicate lace, embroidery or crochet details that are both comfortable and romantic. Opt for a relaxed hairstyle, like tousled braids and half updos. Keep makeup minimal, or go for a soft and dewy look. For the groom, opt for relaxed linen pants and a vest for a laid-back yet stylish look.

Styling the Reception

To create a bohemian vibe at your reception, consider creating different spaces or zones that allow your guests to mingle and relax. A lounge area with comfortable seating and low tables can create a cosy and intimate space for guests to chat and unwind. A dance floor with colourful lighting and a live band can create a lively and festive atmosphere. The reception table should be the centrepiece of the event. Moreover, consider using vintage or eclectic tableware, like mismatched plates or colourful glassware. Use natural textures, like rattan or jute, for table runners or placemats. Lastly, candles, string lights or lanterns can create a romantic and cosy ambience.

Additional Decoration Tips

When it comes to the boho theme, focus on natural textures and quirky details. Consider incorporating these decoration tips into your wedding:
  • Use pampas grass in your floral arrangements for a romantic and textured look.
  • Add whimsical florals, like daisies or ranunculus, to your wedding bouquets or reception centrepieces.
  • Use lanterns or string lights to create a dreamy and romantic ambience.
  • Add celestial details, like moon and star motifs, to your wedding decor for a mystical touch.
  • Match your altar to the landscape, using natural elements like driftwood or vines to create an organic and ethereal look.

Boho Wedding Table Decorations

wedding table decorated with pampas grass and gold candelabra

Boho weddings are all about creating a unique and personal atmosphere that reflects your individual style and personality. One of the best ways to achieve this is through your wedding table decorations. Here are some tips and ideas to help you create the perfect boho wedding table decorations:

Start with a Stunning Centrepiece

The centrepiece is the focal point of your wedding table, so it's important to choose something that's both beautiful and bohemian. Consider using natural elements like wildflowers, succulents or greenery to create a simple but stunning centrepiece. You could also use vintage books, candles or crystals to add visual interest and create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere.

Add Colour and Texture

Boho weddings are all about vibrant colours and textures, so don't be afraid to experiment with different patterns, textures and shades when it comes to your table decor. Similarly, this eclectic approach can be replicated when choosing a colour palette for a rustic wedding. However, it's also essential to choose tones that capture the warm and natural elements associated with this theme. Draw inspiration from the surrounding environment and embrace earthy tones. To add colour and texture to a boho-themed tablescape, use textured tablecloths or colourful napkins to add depth and interest to your table settings. Consider using unique and eclectic pieces like hand-painted plates or colourful glassware to add a pop of colour and personality to each place setting.

Personalise Each Place Setting

One of the best ways to add a personal touch to your boho wedding table decorations is by personalising each place setting. Use handwritten place cards to direct your guests to their seats and add a small favour that reflects the bohemian theme, like a small dreamcatcher or a scented candle.

Incorporate Bohemian Details

Don't be afraid to incorporate unique and eclectic details throughout your wedding table decorations. Incorporate celestial details like moon and star-shaped decorations or use elements like feathers and macramé to add texture and interest. Consider using dried grass or leaves and wild florals to create a bohemian atmosphere. Use lanterns or fairy lights to create a warm and intimate ambience.

By following these tips and incorporating unique and eclectic details throughout your wedding table decorations, you can create the perfect bohemian atmosphere for your wedding day. So, start brainstorming and let your creativity run wild to create a wedding that's as unique and beautiful as you are!

Quality Boho Wedding Table Decorations from Organic Events Supply Co.

rattan fringed placemats stacked together

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Why Choose Rattan Placemats for Your Boho Wedding?

The organic and natural texture of rattan placemats adds a touch of earthy charm to the table, which is perfect for a boho-style event. Rattan is also a sustainable and eco-friendly material, making it an ideal choice for couples who prioritise ethical and eco-conscious wedding planning. Plus, these placemats are versatile, going well with various colour schemes and styles. They add depth to your tablescape, creating a layered and textured look. Elevate the ambience of your wedding in a subtle but effective way, and choose rattan placemats for your boho wedding today.
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