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top view of a table setup with a fringed natural rattan placemat

Why You Should Go with Rattan Placemats for Your Bohemian Wedding Theme

As a couple, choosing the right decor for your wedding can be challenging, especially when you're aiming for a specific theme like Bohemian. But have you ever considered rattan placemats? Rattan is an eco-friendly, versatile, and durable natural material, making it an excellent choice for bohemian-themed weddings. So, if you want to add a natural yet chic touch to your wedding table decor, consider adding round rattan placemats or woven placemats that complement your overall tablescape. Let's explore more of this topic below.

What is Rattan and What Makes it Ideal for Placemats?

Rattan is a type of palm that's native to tropical regions, and it's commonly used in furniture and home decor. Rattan is durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for woven placemats that must withstand daily use. It's also eco-friendly because it's a renewable resource harvested without harming the environment. Moreover, rattan's natural texture and colour make it an excellent choice for bohemian-themed weddings.

Why Rattan Placemats Go Well with a Bohemian Wedding Theme

Bohemian weddings are all about embracing nature, simplicity and creativity, capturing the beauty of our surroundings. As such, natural placemats made of rattan fit perfectly into this theme, providing a natural and earthy touch to your decor. Their warm, earthy charm adds depth and texture to your tablescape, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. They also work well with other natural elements like greenery, wood and stone, making them a versatile choice for any bohemian wedding.

The Beauty of Natural Rattan Placemats

Rattan placemats come in various sizes, shapes, and colours, giving you plenty of options. They can be rectangular, round woven placemats or even irregularly shaped, adding to their unique and organic look. The natural colour of rattan ranges from light to dark, allowing you to choose the perfect shade to complement your wedding theme. Rattan placemats also have a beautiful woven texture that adds to their overall appeal, which means you can never go wrong with this material if you want to highlight your bohemian theme.

How to Style Rattan Placemats for a Boho Wedding Reception

top view of table setting with fringed rattan placemat

Now that you know why rattan placemats are an excellent choice for your bohemian wedding reception, let's talk about how to style them. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect tablescape:

  1. Choose the right size and shape: A rattan placemat can come in various sizes and shapes. Choose the ones that best fit your table and complement your other decorations, but ensure you get quality ones. You can get them from shops that specialise in rustic or boho wholesale wedding supplies in Australia
  2. Layer with other elements: Layering with other natural elements like greenery, flowers, and wooden chargers can add depth and texture to your table settings.
  3. Play with colour: Rattan placemats come in various shades, so choose the colour that best complements your wedding theme. You can also mix and match different shades to create a more eclectic look.
  4. Add personal touches: Add personal touches to your table settings, like handwritten place cards, vintage glassware and unique flatware.
  5. Don't forget the lighting: Soft, warm lighting can create a cosy and intimate atmosphere for your wedding reception. Use candles, string lights or lanterns to add a romantic touch to your tablescape.
By following these tips, you can create a beautiful and romantic bohemian-themed tablescape using rattan placemats.

Create Romantic Touches with Rattan Placemats

Picture this - a romantic bohemian-themed wedding reception under the stars, with rattan placemats adorning your tables. The warm glow of candles, the sweet fragrance of flowers, and the soft rustle of leaves all combine to create an ambience that's nothing short of magical. Rattan placemats add to this romantic vibe with their natural and charming look. They provide the perfect backdrop for your table settings, allowing your other table elements to shine and completing your tablescape in a cohesive way.

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Need More Styling Tips?

It’s no secret that styling your wedding can be a challenging task, especially since you may not have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. So if you need more advice on decorating your venue or on matching your theme to your chosen venue, we are here to help. Apart from that, we also offer a myriad of wedding decor advice if you have chosen to go with a rustic or bohemian theme. Browse more of our blogs and check out our selection of rustic and boho wedding decor supplies today!
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